Niki N.

“ I’ve been preparing for yoga for months, but I’ve always told myself “maybe next week…”. I just did not find the right group and teacher that would have fit me.

When I got pregnant, I decided to exercise because I needed physical and mental support.

I found Melitta on a social media site. I thought, I’d give it a try. For the first time I felt good and at home. The lessons are well thought out, done professionally and she’s very caring. I felt my physical and mental development along with my son’s. A pregnant woman always has many questions in her head and she really helped me discover the answers in me. My son, named Mór, has developed well in my stomach, was very calm and balanced. It was a very harmonious, joyful pregnancy in every sense.

His birth speaks for itself, my son came at his own pace, gentle and fast to the world. The delivery was a very-very nice experience! ” Niki N.

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